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Give Mum a break during the Spring holidays.


October school holidays put a lot of pressure on mums, so let’s rally around to give her a break
Dad, dig into your ‘man strength’:

Plan a takeaway dinner, with great advantage of no cooking and no dishes.

Bring home a surprise party: fruit juice and popcorn.
The kids will say “What’s this for Dad?” “To celebrate the end of ‘snot’ week!”
This is really relevant if the weather has been bad and kept the kids inside thus driving Mum mad! When I tried it the atmosphere in the family changed!

Book a baby sitter and take your wife out for dinner.


Arrange a grandchild ‘camp’ at your place for a few nights.

Arrange special treats like DVD’s and tell stories of when they were born.

Cook a pancake breakfast etc.

If your grand children are miles away, then Skype them, with fun quizzes and challengers.
Let them ask you about your life when you were their age.

Other great questions:
How did you and grandma meet?
What was your greatest fear as a child?
What was a dream of yours? Did you accomplish it?