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Give 'em Guts


John Cryan, a pharmacologist at University College Cork, Ireland did an experiment with mice. This rodent, when placed in an inescapable tank of water, will give up swimming in about 5 minutes when it realizes it can’t get out. But if this same mouse has probiotics in its guts before being placed in the tank, it will never give up trying to get out until all its physical energy has been sapped. It will keep going and going and going. So it’s all about what’s in your guts!

Seriously, I believe we are breeding so many unattached children as well as children wrapped in cotton wool.

Two totally different types of homes but with the same result: Future adults who will not live with the consequences of their actions!

Back to the mice: Mice dosed with probiotics showed significant differences in brain chemistry compared to the control rodents. The bacteria-fed mice had about half as much corticosterone, a stress hormone, in their blood and a redistribution of their brain receptors for a key neurotransmitter. In other words, they got more mentally tough. They got guts by what was in their guts.

How do we as parent coaches give our kids ‘guts’ to handle real life?

1. Lead by Example.

Kids catch life skills from their parents rather than being taught them.

So let’s be great examples.

2. Have a picture of hope for them.

If you believe in your children and let them know they have what it takes to be courageous, then they will believe it too. Remember teach them mistakes are okay when you are learning.

3. Read to them stories of great heroes.

Human beings are challenge best by stories.

Simply, we all live in a story.

4. Let them know that your love is unconditional.

Even when you seem tough on them it’s because you don’t want them harmed.

As one Jewish man told me the start line in each of the 10 Commandments should be; “Don’t go there because it will harm you!” He also said they are the 10 Commandments not the ten suggestions!

Heap praise on your child.

Especially, when they do the right thing because it’s the right thing and not the popular thing.