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Getting into the Christmas spirit


It’s true that there’s a lot of pressure on families at Christmas, but what a great time to show your kids what your family stands for.
•    Generosity

•    Compassion

•    Self-discipline
•    Loyalty

These are just a few of the values that can be discussed and practised in the lead-up to Christmas.

How much patience can we show to the relatives? How can we help out other families in need?

Can our generosity extend beyond the obvious recipients, our own family?

Be intentional and proud of the values your family holds to. In the big picture, your children will appreciate Christmas and other festivities more when they also think of others.

Challenge your children to help you make visitors really welcome when they are in your home and have fun doing it.

•    Have a Father Christmas boot full of lollies at the door for guests, to make little children welcome.

•    Put someone in charge of asking what they would like to drink.

•    Or passing around a plate of food.

•    Or asking your guest is there anything else they need?

As parents, remember to see Christmas through your children's eyes.

Let them help bake a batch of cookies for a lonely neighbour and then go with you as you deliver them.

It’s a great time to focus on manners and politeness too.

Like only opening one Christmas gift at a time.

Remember manners are the base of the good behaviour pyramid.

Make sure Christ's love is obvious in your Christmas celebrations.