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For many years I was passionate about working with teenagers


For many years I was passionate about working with teenagers, I was most passionate about my own. I had three and desired to instill in them the values that have made me who I am. We consistently talk about it, but nothing sinks in like modeling it well. They will copy what we do more than what we say. Being a good father comes down to showing our kids how to live, love, think, and behave. With that said, here are three things I focused on modeling to my kids..

I wanted to focus on God’s ways, not my own. Prayer is the biggest way to keep my heart and mind in the right place. Every morning I prayed with my family so they could see me do it.  It's a great privilege to name each of my family members each day in prayer.

Think for Yourself
One of the things I consistently used to say to my children is “use your own brain”. Do not be swayed by the crowd. Think deeply about what is right and do it. When you play sport, there are a lot of external forces pushing you in various directions. It is an easy place to find trouble. Unfortunately, you see that happen in the media all the time. Keeping a sharp mind on what is right is important in maintaining integrity especially when the gravity pull from the crowd is so strong.

Keeping Your Word
If you say you are going to do something, do it. It is a simple concept, but practicing it takes commitment. When it comes to my kids, the easiest way I can get off track is telling them we are going to spend time together and then getting distracted with other things. That’s why when I arrived home, I told myself, “Here I am.” The emphasis is on the word 'here' meaning nowhere else and that includes my mind. If I tell my kids I will play with them in 2 minutes and I’m not playing with them at minute 2:01, then I have not kept my word. If I don’t keep my word, they won’t keep theirs.