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Even at 21 Years Of Age, They are Still Kids!!!


Your teenager’s brain doesn’t fully develop till they are over 21 years of age. 

Because your teenager’s brain hasn’t fully developed they still need parental wisdom and guidance. Be a parent to your teenage first rather than a friend! 

Studies have shown parent’s rate all arguing with their teenagers as destructive were as teenagers find it generally productive. 

Teenagers are individuating as adults so they have to bump-up against adults to learn how to be an adult. So parents don’t ‘freak-out’ when it happens be the ‘mature sounding board’ and don’t ‘out snot’ your teenager. 

The more mature the adult’s behaviour is to this ‘bumping-up’ challenge the more mature their teenagers will be as adults. 

Two things teenagers must learn: You are responsible for the consequences of your actions. And Whoever has control is responsible. Sadly too many parents give their teenagers control but they the parent carry the responsibility of what happens. 

By doing that your teenager will not learn your actions have consequences and you are responsible for both. Today too many parents get it the wrong way around. They want to be their teenager’s friend then a parent. Teenagers up to eighteen years of age need a loving and firm parent who becomes a great friend as they grow into adulthood.