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Don't Make Bedtime Dread Time for Your Child


Bedtimes are a wonderful time for letting children of all ages feel connected to a loving and supportive team.

All human beings need Love and Communication.

So rituals are very important at bedtime:


  • Have you cleaned you teeth?

  • Have you kissed mummy goodnight?

  • Have you been to the toilet? And so on.

Then have fun how you would like daddy to carry you to bed:

  • Fireman.

  • Policeman.

  • Dancing with the Stars.

  • Gorilla and so on.

Then read a story.

Then ask about their day, so they see their day through your mature eyes.

Let them say their prayers.

Answer and questions they have.

Then say I’ll come back in ten minutes to see how you are.

Also say, “If you go to bed now we will play 3 minutes in the dark.”

Were they chose a number and you tell them what were your favourite things at that age.