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Don’t let the Holidays drive you nuts! Instead Create Holiday Fun!


By the end of the holidays it’s not unusual for families to be stuck on creative things to do and tensions steadily rising! So change direction – hijack the holiday atmosphere!

The school holidays are the ideal time for those fun, memory-making activities that are so hard to squeeze into the busy working week – So put fun into holiday action.

First strategize your day:
“I want your rooms cleaned by 9:30am.”
Mum will inspect them, and ring me and I’ll bring some surprise rewards home after work.”
Play a fun army ‘Colonel Klink” inspection when you get home too

Then plan an adventure for them every day, one morning in the weekend, we are off on an adventure.
Home for lunch followed by two hours Quiet action like reading etc.  

Then Action again at 3pm before dinner.
Some action ideas:
Paint a family mural on a garage or Rumpus room wall.
Make a Photo story book of your holiday or family History.

Let the kids loose with a camera all day, prepare the prints, then make the book ‘A Day in the Life of the Carter Family’.

Alternatively, work with your child on a book all about them, with photos, drawings or collage of their favourite things, people, and places.

Even better, ask them what kind of book they’d like to make – whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be a future family treasure, if it doesn’t get worn out from overuse first! 

Search the rock pools at the beach.
So change direction – hijack the holiday atmosphere!

Make sure you are driving the holiday programme not your kids