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Do you speak your childrens or spouse's love language?


When you try to convey love to your children or spouse, does the message get through clearly, or is it lost in translation?

You see, we're all different. What I consider a loving gesture - a nice gift - might not mean anything to my wife... not because she's unappreciative, but because there's something else that makes her feel loved... like when I tell her I appreciate her sacrifices for our family. 

This is also true with our children.

The key is to love them in their love language not ours.

This is important if they are hurting and needing your love. 

Dr. Gary Chapman says there are five "love languages"... 

Words of affirmation, 

Time and attention, 

Gifts, Acts of service, 

And physical touch.

 So learn the language that your child or spouse responds to best - you'll be glad you did.