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Dates with Dad pay off over the years


“My greatest joy over the years has been to see my three girls grow in social skills and maturity.”

This week a Dad thanked me for the idea of a monthly date with his daughters.
He first heard me suggest the idea when his eldest daughter was 5 years old.
He wrote her a letter which invited her, now she was five, to come on a date with him.
Initially he took her to McDonalds or whatever her special place was and had three questions he would ask which covered:

•    What she was doing?

•    What she was thinking?

•    How she felt?

Over the years the date has moved venues and topics of conversation. Later a smoothie after a sports match or a drink at a café.

He learned to ask “Is there anything you are worried about?” And to allow her to debrief if she needed. Other times they just enjoyed hearing about her activities.

His greatest joy over the years has been to see his three girls grow in the social skills and maturity. Over the years these dates helped them learn how to act appropriately in public situations and to converse with adults.