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Dads, Get to Your Happy Place on Valentines Day


Want to be in your ‘Blokes Happy place” this Valentine’s day? 

Then love your wife eloquently, and if you don’t know how ask a ‘safe’ lady. 
About gifts - then ask your daughter, she will instruct you. Bring her into the plan; she’ll know what mum loves! 

So, as husbands, why don't we:

Out do all your past efforts.
Demonstrate what love leadership is.
Ignore the extreme feminists, men the buck always ends with you. 
So take the initiative with romancing your lady.
Make this day redemptive, say sorry for anything you have done wrong to her, just one thing is enough. (Whatever you do, don’t expect her to say sorry for something, she may in 5 days) 

Redefine the celebration. Make history with a Valentine’s Day she will never forget!
So let’s sweep our wives off their “My Man is not romantic enough’ perch with thoughtfulness and class, because that’s the kind of guys we Kiwi blokes are deep down. 
Warning if you ‘blow’ Valentine’s Day, then be assured the results will be catastrophic – ‘marriage conflict crisis’, will hunt you till next 14th February. Believe me!
Finally, don’t believe your lady if she says, “Don’t worry about buying me flowers , chocolates or taking me out for dinner.” Be assured she does want these! If you have daughters send them a red rose or card signed your ‘best admirer!’    And look at your eNews to get the special offer of Roses and a Cappuccino Moments - it couldn't be easier!