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Dads take a spiritual lead this Easter


Easter is a highly significant time for families. Not only because it is a holiday involving easter eggs and hot cross buns but because it is an opportunity to teach your children the central message of Christianity. 

Easter’s true message has often been lost in the melee of chocolate and holiday. 
This means that meaningless empty traditions have replaced the sacred and the knowledge that we are loved personally by our Creator God who entered into human history. 

The tragedy is that many young people today grow up as cosmic orphans, unaware of any purpose and meaning beyond themselves. 

When God told Moses to tell the fathers to communicate spiritual truths to their children he said to do it in the relaxed times - when they were out walking, around the meal table and at bed time. 

So this Easter make sure, you take this parental role seriously. 
A great family activity is to cover your dinner table with butcher paper or similar and everyone draw what Easter means to them as the weekend goes by.
Good Friday – the garden and the cross
Saturday the tomb
Sunday – resurrection – everyone represent these in their own way. 

This is the morning you can serve ‘resurrection buns’ for breakfast. A bun cooked with a marshmallow in the centre. When everyone opens the bun there is hole representing the empty tomb. 
Everyone shouts. “He is risen. Risen Indeed.”

Have a happy and blessed Easter!