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Dad, have fun with Post-its, texts and lunch box notes


Dad, have fun with Post-its, texts and lunch box notes.

One of the most powerful things in a family is to give your children a sense of attachment to a loving family team.

A fun way to do this is with Post-it notes in their lunch box or coat pocket or a timely text message.

It tells them that you are thinking about them during the day.
If your son has a challenge that day a message is a great confidence boast.
Such as  “I’m so proud of you - you’ve have got what it takes to succeed!”

Or your daughter, “You are lovely and  great friend to so many; I’m so ‘blessed’ to have such a capable daughter”

Or  “Mum and I are planning to have your favourite meal tonight because you have had a big day”.

A friend of mine’s year 13 daughter always has her friends wanting to read her dad’s lunch box post-its messages.

My friend is modeling a great dad’s love too more than his daughter.
Dads- never underestimate, the power of your notes to your children --- even cynical teenagers appreciate dad messages!