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Children love the wonder of Christmas


Make sure you lead your family to tap into the wonder of Christmas.

When my children were young we had a Christmas Eve tradition of having a candle light party with Mum’s world-class fruit mince pies and I served sparkling grape juice in wine glasses.

I read the account of Christ’s birth in Luke chapter two in the Living Bible.  I asked each child what they thought about the greatest story ever.

Then we shared our year’s best:

•    Movie

•    Sports victory

•    Humorous moment

•    Blessing

I then prayed a dad’s blessing on each child and my wife.

They would often ask, if their friends could join us ‘cause their family doesn’t do it and they want to share in it too.

What is so wonderful for Mary and I is our children now do it with their children at Christmas.

Why not start this wonderful tradition this Christmas with your family?
Tragically too many children in our nation are being brought up as ‘cosmic orphans’ may that not be true of our families.