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Challenge your children to great things


Lets never underestimate the potential of our children.

I enjoyed reading the book “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know", the Ranulph Fiennes autobiography. The great adventurer who with his companion Mike, ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, said “Most people look at big challenges in their lives and say, ‘I can’t’, Ran and I make a simple word substitution and say ‘Why can’t I?’

Fiennes led thirty expeditions, including the first polar circumnavigation of the earth and an Everest climb at 62, even though he suffered from vertigo all his life.
He had a heart bypass operation before both these events and raised millions of dollars for English charities.

Lets never underestimate the potential and gifting of each of our children.
We should always help them base their dreams in the reality of real life-time success. Talk often at mealtimes of their future dreams.