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Born Bad or Turned Bad


Born bad or Turned  bad? 

It’s still a great parenting issue are we born bad or do we get turned bad. Before his release in 2001, after having served 7 years of a life sentence for killing 2 year old James Bulger, Jon Venables was declared a "trivial or low risk" by the parole board. That assessment after the 27 year old was involved in child pornography will have to be revised. Dr Alison White clinical Psychologist who has worked with hundreds of child offenders said: In the nature verses nurture debate I am firmly on the nurturing side.” If you examine their backgrounds, it is easy to see where it all went wrong in their parenting.” 

If you are brought up with:

Insecure attachments
No Boundaries, and 
A lack of guidance and support 

It sows the seeds for later dysfunctions.

I believe Dr White has stated the three most important issues in raising children.
As dads, it’s important that our children have secure attachments; they feel a loved member of our family team.

Also our families have clearly defined behaviour boundaries. And finally lots of family discussions over mealtimes on life skills and doing the right thing because it is the right thing. Our nation has a growing number of dysfunctional teenagers because one or all of these principles are not applied to our families.