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Are you Dreading the Talk?


Most parents would rather avoid conversations about serious subjects like premarital sex or drug abuse. The key to talking about tough subjects is something called the "Double F" factor. That means be "frank" and "frequent." "Frank" means that you're honest and to the point. 

Don't beat around the bush or bore your children by rambling. If you need to, rehearse what you will say. The "frequent" means you bring up the subject repeatedly-but from different angles. Be frank and frequent to find communication success. 

As I always say your child needs to get the message. “My parents know about stuff that’s important in life.” So as teenagers they know they can talk to you about the ‘life issues’ they are facing at the moment. 

Another smart thing is to be ‘un shock able’. Never react too quickly to any scary stuff they share, rather use the phrase “Oh, tell me more.” 

Parents Inc have a great CD called the ‘Big Weekend’ playing it to your 12-year-old. It tells them all they need to know about sex. Play it to them in the car when you’re both looking straight ahead! For the drug issue there is a great booklet called ‘Hardwired’.

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