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Always let your children know you are there for them


Last week’s Dad strategy I shared not to rescue your teenagers, let them learn from their mistakes.

A number of dads sent great feedback, thanks.
Mainly around the idea of promising your teenagers if they ever needed your help you would be there for them.
It is very important to say that if they ever needed your help you would respond.

One dad told me his daughter of 19 who was flatting phoned him to say, “Do I really have to be home by midnight! Okay can you pick me up at such and such an address? Honk 3 times when you arrive.”

He hadn’t said anything while on the phone.

He told me he drove there like 007, on arriving honked 3 times.
His daughter jumped in the front seat gave him a big hug and said, ”Thanks dad the party had got scary!”

A friend told me they always made sure their teenagers had a $20 in their shoe in case they needed a taxi to get home safely.

Bringing up children is all about being a great ‘life coach’.

One of my children said once, “One thing about dad he always knows what to do.”
I lived on that for months!