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Absent Dads = Dumber Schools


One of the most interesting school names in all of America is The Dummer Academy in Massachusetts. Named after Gov. William Dummer in 1763, the school board is now reconsidering changing its name – for obvious reasons.

But interestingly if dads are not involved in their children’s school then it is a ‘dummier’ school.

Experiments in USA have shown a direct correlation between children’s achievements both inside and outside the classroom, and how many times dad comes and is involved in school activities.

So dad’s attending school activities is not wasted on your child.

A number of High school principals have shared with me that when a boy is in trouble and dad comes the problem gets solved.

Dr Paul Vitz emeritus professor of psychiatry at New York University, talks about the ‘Fatherlessness hypnosis.’

He said too many dads under estimate how important they are in their child’s life.

To little children dads are God with skin on.

He said there is a ‘dad hunger’ in our society that is one of the most serious long-term mental problems in our western world.

Dads need to say in a thousand ways to their sons, “You’ve got what it takes.”

If you don’t he will do dumb things to prove his manhood.

And to their daughters “Yes. You’re lovely.”

If you don’t she will be a driven person to prove she is capable.

So read them stories, listen to what happened at school, and be involved in their school activities when you can, because it’s vital to your child’s development.