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A wise man once said, “love the mother of your children.”


How do we love our wife completely?

Here are a few quick ideas:

1. Learn from Jim Reeve’s great hit, “I love you because…”
    Don’t just tell her you love her, tell her why!

•    “The way you are strong with our sons.”
•    “The way you welcome us home each day.”
•    “The way you work hard on our meals.”
•    “The way you welcome guests into our home.

To name just a few ways.

2. Have focused times when you listen to her.
    Usually best over refreshments, with no deadlines.

3. Plan adventures together.
•    Weekly dates where you alternately choose the place to go.
•    Ask her what adventure she would love to go on.

4. Defend her parenting in front of the children.
    If you disagree, do it in private.

5. Complement her in front of others.  

    i.e. in front of dinner guests for the great meal she has served.