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A Few Hot Tips for Parenting Alone.


There is no doubt that parenting alone can be a challenge:
So here are a few hot tips to help:

Be kind to yourself.
List what needs to be done for the day, do the hard ones first and you will be surprised how well it goes.
Never focus on the ‘should have “done’s”; they just drain your energy.
If dinner is too hard introduce the family to ‘world-class eggs on baked beans and toast.’ 

Get your kids on board.
With just you around jobs will mount up.
So create ‘the family team.’
In our family everyone has jobs, even little children can do jobs.
Celebrate every week with fun times to say, ‘thanks team’.

Set Boundaries that suit you.
If children are dividing their living between two households then:
Have your own house rules. Statements like, “In this family we” help enforce them.

Talk it out.
 Stress builds if you don’t have other people to talk about issues. Off-loading helps relieve the pressure.

Put yourself in time-out.
Find ways to get a break.
Establish regular bed times, with adult time only at a certain time.
Share child minding with others so you get time to go out.
Remember lots of kids raised in single parent homes have done well in life!