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A Father's Priorities in a Busy World


In today's world, one of the most common and urgent needs among fathers is tips for managing their time. The ability to do this is a key to success at work and with your family, and the beginning of a new year might be a great time to start some new habits in this area.

A recent article offered time-management tips from Muhtar Kent, the CEO of Coca-Cola. His strategy involves five key tasks every day, which add up to a 60-minute investment that reinforces his top priorities.

Here is Mr. Kent's approach:

• He spends 15 minutes a day "rehearsing" so he can effectively communicate the company's vision.

• 10 minutes a day are devoted to getting advice from someone.

• Usually near the end of the day, he takes 20 minutes to be responsive and communicate to people in a timely manner.

• For 5 minutes a day, Mr. Kent keeps a journal.

These first four ideas are seemingly all about succeeding at work, but we could also apply them to fathering:

• Rehearse communication;

• Get advice; keep a journal;

• Be responsive.

Those are great habits for dads. But the fifth task for the remaining 10 minutes is what really caught our attention:

Phone home.

No matter how busy we are, it's vital, sometime during the day, to connect with the people closest to us. We can catch up on things, but this also grounds us and reminds us of what's most important.