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5 great reasons to hold your spouse’s hand.


Even after 52 years of marriage Mary and I hold hands on our morning walk.

There is now a number of studies that say it is great to do that.

1.   It lowers stress

Research from Virginia University shows that while holding a stranger’s hand in a stressful situation is calming, holding your spouse’s hand is significantly more helpful. Other research shows that hand holding does this by reducing stress related activities in the brain itself. It lowers the cortisol level in your body, which allows for a healthier immune system.

2.   Acceptance and love

Simply by interlocking our hands we interlock our hearts.
It’s a way to say, “I love you.”  Without using words.

3.  Increases emotional bonding

Studies show that the hormones released when we encounter human touch tend to increase a sense of trust and security, which is critical to emotional and physical intimacy in a healthy marriage.

4.  Showing unity

The simple act of holding hands is a universal sign of solidarity, so to in marriage.
Holding your spouse’s hand says our relationship matters!

5. It encourages others

It encourages others to do the same thing. Especially, our own children in their marriages.