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10 things to teach your son to do on a first date


1. Bring her flowers.
All women are beautiful and this is a symbol of acknowledgment.

2. Be on time.
A man is a leader and a provider. This is a sign of self-discipline.

3. Clean your car.
No woman wants to get into your dirty car.  Women like things clean and straight.

4. Open all doors.
It might seem old-fashioned, but a gentleman should open all doors, including the car door.

5. Pull her chair out for her.
Before sitting down at the table, first pull her chair out and let her sit first.

6. Use all the manners you’ve been taught.
Place your napkin in your lap. Use the proper utensils for the proper course. Chew with your mouth closed!

7. Let her order first and don’t eat until she has taken a bite.
I’ll admit that my wife doesn’t like it when I wait until she eats before I start, but I will continue to do it. I believe it bolsters the attitude of putting the other person first and shows your willingness to sacrifice for her.

8. Be pleasant and charming.
Smile. Engage in conversation that she will enjoy. Do not spend the entire dinner talking about rugby. Or don’t be like the guy who said ,"That’s enough about me let’s talk about cars." Let her lead the conversation to a place she is comfortable.

9. Pay the bill.
Discreetly pay the bill without mentioning the cost. 

10. Close out in style.
You’ve made it this far, now close the deal. Drive her safely back home. You do not need to kiss her to consider the date successful. If it feels awkward or not right then don’t do it. Walk her to the door, give her a hug, and thank her.

And Dads this could be a turn-up for us when date our wives.
In fact the lovely Mary suggested to me on reading this list that I was ‘missing in action!’ on some of them.