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I know from listener comments how much Ian's advice is valued, and as the father of two boys I have exploited that advice to advantage. It doesn't get much better.-Leighton Smith - New Zealand's top talkback host, NewstalkZB network

Fathers Who Dare Win's pragmatic and practical advice and insights are written in everyday father's language - a real gem from a real champion for fathers fulfilling their full potential in raising their children. -Michael Jones - Former All Black


  • Growing Great Families

    Growing Great Families

    Ian and Mary have studied the keys to healthy functioning and fun filled families through years of teaching parenting throughout NZ and Australia. They believe that 'family is everything' and emphasise that a family is a community and that this is the key to growing great families. Children need to know the security of a family operating as a team and receive the joy in their everyday experience of being contributors not just takers. In this way children will experience real intimacy and emotional safety. Whatever we parents honour or treat as sacred or special, our children will also honour, whether that is the TV, regular family times or sport. Consequently this book is a call to refocus on what it is to create a family, to look again at what we are honouring in the little community we call our family, and to think about our ultimate goals for the individuals and their relationships.


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