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Happy Fathers' Day

As Dad's - Let's take over Father's Day!

Father's day is a great opportunity to express your love for your family in two powerful ways.

 1. Write a one page letter on expensive paper to every one of your children no matter what their age and tell them six things you admire most about them.  When I did this the first time my children were adults, my daughter rang on receiving the letter and shed  a tear on how much she appreciated it. 
 My youngest son who was a successful lawyer in London at the time emailed and said "Great letter Dad, keep working on it, there are lots of great things about me that you missed" (there is a comedian in every family). 
My oldest son made no comment but a number of years later when he was sharing about a breakfast meeting he had with the Deputy leader of China, he stopped and said "Dad thanks for the letters". No matter how successful your children are they still long for your approval. 

2. Announce to your family that you are going to put on a World Class Dad's Breakfast to celebrate the fact that you have married the loveliest woman in the world and have the best kids any dad could want. During Dad's World Class Breakfast, pour every member of your family a wine glass of sparkly Grape Juice. Then toast each one of your kids and say three great things about them. Then toast your wife, the mother of your children and say six great things about her! 

Don't forget to notice your kids beam when you acknowledge how much you love mum!

Jesus said it brilliantly - It is more blessed to give than receive. By doing this you are giving every member of your family what they are longing to know - that Dad is so proud to have them in his team. 

P.S. Next year you will get more than a tie and socks.